Quality has been of paramount importance to us. Our quality strategy is to maintain the reputation of the company by constantly meeting and exceeding customer expectations on every occasion.

The quality policy of NRG is a continuous improvement of customer satisfaction through meeting or exceeding customer expectations. Customer satisfaction requires that the products of our company are technically and professionally complete, delivered on schedule and serviced in a manner that meets or exceeds expectations of the customers. To this end, the company has identified its quality objectives very clearly.

We always commit ourselves to the fullest for every order, whether large or small, equally to ensure total product quality and reduce variation. We strive hard to constantly improve our quality, cost, delivery and service levels towards obtaining customer satisfaction.

Our dedicated employees are skilled in various fields of automobile engineering besides we also impart training to our employees from time to time in order to keep them abreast of the latest developments. We ensure that it is the responsibility of every employee of our strictly adhere to meet the commitment to quality that has been an eternal part of our operations.


  • Understanding and serving the needs of customers.
  • Providing distinctively superior value to the global auto market.
  • Creating the conducive work environment for its employees.
  • Serving the customers with technologically advanced products.
  • Delivering the best value to customers.

NRG pledges to:

  • Provide superior quality products at most competitive prices within scheduled time
  • Supply products exactly as per the requirements of the customers
  • Conform to all technical parameters specified for aftermarket parts
  • Ensure all round development of the employees