NRG is one of the automotive shock absorber manufacturers for Japanese and European vehicles. Moreover, we manufacture hydraulic and gas shock absorbers for all popular brands of cars. The range of our products finds application in all consequential models and make of automobiles.

Our shock absorbers help keep the tires smoothly on the road, and improve both the braking and handling of the car. This makes your car more comfortable to drive as well as reduces fuel consumption.

The accuracy and reliability of our automotive shock absorbers are unquestioned since we have complete state-of-the-art in house production infrastructure. The fact that we manufacture whole range of products within our own production facilities means that we control the quality of the procedures and components. We manufacture our shock absorbers in conformance with the international quality standards.

NRG ensures customer satisfaction with unparalleled quality and service and experienced exemplary growth. What’s more, we meet client requirements in accordance with their expectations. We have satisfied dealers in more than 12 countries all over the world.

NRG shock absorbers’ advantages:

  • High quality materials and precision manufacturing;
  • Wide availability of shock absorbers;
  • Covering a wide range of vehicle types;
  • A long working life;
  • Guaranteed reliability and comfort.