Steering and suspension components are safety parts that are subjected to special care in design, manufacturing, and assembly phases because they have to offer the best possible safety conditions in all driving situations.

NRG steering and suspension are manufactured using the most up-to-date precision machines. NRG guarantees excellent quality for you by carrying out regular inspections throughout the entire manufacturing process.

This is why our steering and suspension parts are so reliable.

NRG provides suspension joints, control arms, tie-rods, stabilizer links, suspension mountings, steering boxes, dampers, side rods, boots and gaskets along with necessary service information to the independent aftermarket. Almost all automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers worldwide trust in these steering and suspension parts.

Steering and suspension systems and components are an integral, safety critical part of the vehicle. In addition to safety, they have a direct connection to the ride comfort of the vehicle. Thus, NRG ensures that its steering and suspension products are designed to match O.E. levels in terms of aesthetics, material specifications and performance.

NRG provides a complete repair solution by supplying steering and suspension products with the necessary accessories such as bolts, washers, nuts, brackets, clamping rings, bellows, etc. By adding these accessories NRG helps save the technician time and money.

NRG carries a wide range of parts to cover the entire steering and suspension range for European and Japanese most popular vehicles, and endeavors to supply universal parts to cater for the older vehicles on our roads. NRG is continuously striving to add new parts to its already extensive range of safety-critical parts since quality and safety are our foremost priority.