Automotive transmission system consists of various devices that help in transmitting power from the engine through the drive shaft to the live axle of an automobile. Gears, brakes, clutch, fluid drive and other auto transmission parts work together for transforming the speed ratio between the engine and wheels of a vehicle. The auto transmission system incorporates various components, which are attached to the back of the engine, and used for distributing the power from the engine to the drive wheels.

NRG is a manufacturer of shock absorber and strut component parts. We have precision machining capabilities that allow us to produce components such as piston rods, bodies, pistons, compression valves, pressure tubes, etc. We are also a source for gas cells, foam cells, rod end bearings, isolator bushings, mounting hardware and other.

NRG knows transmissions, and knows exactly what you need for every job that you do. When you see a transmission part with the name NRG, you can trust that you have the best product.

NRG is the premier manufacturer of replacement parts for transmission. We offer the largest selection of parts, covering all makes, models and sizes. Our diverse range of quality parts includes:

  • velocity joints;
  • gears;
  • carriers;
  • boot kits;
  • shafts;
  • seals and gaskets;
  • shaft bearings;
  • filters and other.

Being an aftermarket manufacturer NRG ensures that you are getting the most competitive prices in the industry.

NRG is the main manufacturer and distributor for all the leading transmission parts of premium quality.